Managed Hosting


Your WordPress website will be hosted on two VPS servers with 30GB Solid State Drives. One for the web front-end and one for the database. This guarantees high performance and reliability. Optimizations of server memory and data caching ensure your site is responsive and can handle large traffic spikes.


Our web hosting environment is based on the fast and reliable Linux operating system. It is monitored 24/7 for any unusual activity and bench-marked continuously for performance. A WordPress-specific firewall blocks known vulnerabilities and offers brute-force attack mitigation.

Our Hosting Plans Feature:
Licenses for all WordPress plugins we subscribe to
Basic SSL certificate to protect login credentials and private information
Software updates, applied and tested to ensure your site is running smoothly
Multiple levels of backups are done every 24 – 36 hours
Multiple levels of security to protect your site
Monitoring and optimization of the site


We offer two levels of maintenance: Starter and Small Business. Both plans utilize the same hosting environment and include the features listed above. The differences are outlined below.

Our Starter Package includes a half hour of monthly maintenance time for any web work. The maintenance time cannot be rolled over or accumulated.

Small Business plans start with an hour of monthly maintenance time for any web work and can be rolled over and credited towards larger projects. A maximum of 12 rollover hours can be accumulated. Our Signature Support services offer additional monthly hours and higher “bankable” hour limits that can be used for larger special projects, additional reporting, help with content updates, etc.